Col Jack Pryor - US Army Retired - Military Medical Market Development, US Military and DOD, Telemedicine Services, Rural veteran medical encampments, Post Traumatic Stress Novel Treatment Programs. Retired Colonel Jack H. Pryor, a distinguished combat veteran, has 35 years of experience in the US Military, education and senior management positions in industry and international business.  He served in recent years as the President of a major international energy firm's Latin American subsidiary.  Mr. Pryor previously directed US drug control policies in Latin America as the Director of Counter-narcotics of the USSOUTHCOM. During his tenure as President of the US Army Management Engineering College, he served on the US Presidential Blue Ribbon Panel for Educational Reform.  Mr. Pryor is considered one of the US Army's preeminent trainers, and was involved in the establishment of the US Combat Training Centers for heavy maneuver, Light Infantry and SOF units. Additionally, he served as the Operations Officer and as the Senior OC for Light Forces at the National Training Center. Following the invasion of Panama, Mr. Pryor was invited to advise the President of Panama, his two Vice Presidents and key cabinet ministers on that nation's national reconstruction strategy and its implementation.  He effectively bridged communications between the Government of Panama and the US diplomatic and military missions. Subsequent to his retirement from the military, he assumed senior executive duties in several US commercial firms and provided consulting to senior government officials in four Latin American nations.  Mr. Pryor's experience in education has spanned several decades.  He holds three Master's degrees including: National Defense & Strategic Studies, Educational Administration and Secondary Education.  He has taught at the University of Nevada  Las Vegas, the Southern Oregon State University and participated in Senior Executive Management Seminars at Harvard, Cornell, Stanford, Tufts and Duke Universities.

Steven D. Crowder, Technology Advisor Steven D. Crowder, Has over 24 years of management experience in the telecommunications industry. Steve has extensive experience designing and maintaining telecommunications systems including microwave, satellite, WAN and LAN systems. He also has over 11 years of business development experience and has a great understanding for the opportunities that a Native American 8(a) company offers. Steve retired from the Air Force after 20 years of honorable service and while serving in the Air Force, Steve managed the White House Communications Agency’s (WHCA) satellite travel branch procuring, traveling, maintaining and deploying assets worldwide to support Presidential communications. Additionally, Mr. Crowder was the telecommunications manager in the White House Situation Room which provided 24/7 support to the President, Vice President and National Security Council. He has also worked for TKC Communications during the startup phase and was instrumental in the growth to 400 employees and almost $200 million in revenue in four short years of business. Steve will drive toward the accomplishment of its strategic vision.

Jeffrey O. Baldwin, Sr. -(Retired) Director, Field Operations, Houston, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Mr. Baldwin had oversight responsibility for the entrance and exit of all international passengers, carriers and cargo within the Houston Field Office jurisdiction, which included Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Lubbock, Port Arthur, Corpus Christi, Amarillo, Freeport, Midland, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma. He provided guidance locally and nationally to the ports under his leadership through policy implementation and quality management. Mr. Baldwin has more than 38 years of federal service, in which he has served as Director, Field Operations for CBP’s North Florida Field Office (Tampa, FL), Area Port Director of Savannah, GA, Port Director of the Miami Seaport and as the Port Director, Miami International Airport. In 2011, he was selected and served as the Acting Executive Director, Field Operations, CBP Headquarters, Washington, DC overseeing CBP field operations worldwide including training initiatives in Europe, Central and South America, and Africa. He has served on the CBP’s Commissioner’s Advisory Board, National Professionalism Board and was instrumental in the revision of the agency’s personal search standards and participated in the establishment of the agency’s Discipline Review Board (DRB). A strong supporter of leadership development, Mr. Baldwin served as an Executive Mentor for CBP’s first Leadership Institute class in 2010 and again in 2011. He has received numerous awards and accolades for his leadership and training contributions including the Secretary’s Award for Team DHS Excellence in recognition of CBP’s hurricane season relief, recovery and business reconstitution efforts and CBP Commissioner’s Best Practices and Innovation Award for the Model Ports Initiative. In addition, he received the CBP Commissioner’s Unit Citation for the Global Entry Program, a trusted traveler initiative and in February 2011, he served as the CBP Lead Field Coordinator for Super Bowl XLV security initiatives in Dallas & Arlington, Texas. In 2011, he was awarded a certificate of completion for the Leadership in Crisis program, from Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Executive Education. He is a recipient of the Paul Cuffee Award from Texas Southern University. He is an honor graduate from Temple University and a distinguished Marine Corps veteran (embassy security), who continues to foster partnerships between the Federal Government and the local and international public it serves, balancing goals of anti-terrorism, enforcement and business facilitation. In 2013, he founded Baldwin Liaison Consulting, LLC a strategic advisory and training company specializing in homeland security, international trade & travel, leadership, crisis mitigation and management.


Col. William A. Coy (US Army Retired) - After a highly active and stimulating military career in the United States Army Infantry Corps, Special Operations Forces, Strategic Intelligence and HUMINT assignments dealing in Countering terrorism, insurgencies and narcotics trafficking, and conducting Counter-intelligence and senior staff assignments on the Army and Joint Staffs, Mr. Coy’s final assignment was as Deputy Chief of Staff for Political –Military Operations (J5) for the US Military Support Group- Panama and concurrently as the G5, US Army South.  In that capacity during Joint Operation Promote Liberty, he directed the US efforts to restore economic and political stability to the people of Panama following the Operation Just Cause invasion necessitated by the dictator’s malevolence.  During that assignment, he directly advised many cabinet ministries in the restoration of public services and governance, while advising the US Combatant Commanders and the Ambassador on a wide spectrum of issues including the training and resumption of the police force, restoration of many health services, education, housing, planning and justice systems.  He served as principal advisor to the newly restored Judiciary Police, Customs, Coast Guard, and Aviation Services, and Public Works Ministry.  He oversaw the operation of the Refugee Camp and the effective relocation of its 25,000 occupants. He played a key role in the quelling of a jailbreak and attempted coups by armed former Panama Defense Force elements.

During his service on the Army and Joint Staffs, Lieutenant Colonel Coy advised the Secretary of Defense on policy matters dealing with responses to narcotics trafficking and guerilla activities in Latin America and the Caribbean.  He served on the Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Narcotics Task Force that formulated the policies leading to the formation of the US Drug Enforcement Agency, and the early recruitment efforts to man the agency.

On various staff assignments, Bill revised the standing Operations Plan for the Defense of the Panama Canal and directed numerous subsequent revisions.

He served numerous tours in Brazil, during which he was the chief planner and military Interpreter for the US Delegation Chairman, Joint Brazil-US Military Commission on visits to every military flag command encompassing all services throughout Brazil.  To accomplish that fete Bill accompanied the Chairman traveling over 250,000 miles over Brazilian Territory.  He also served as Interpreter on the Chairman’s meetings with two Presidents of Brazil, the respective Service Chiefs and Defense Ministers of two Brazilian Administrations.

During assignment as the Army Attaché in Portugal, he assisted that nation to establish its Counter -Terrorist Force, and coordinated bilateral training for the counterpart US unit and various similar units from NATO nations.  Colonel Coy directed the security operation during the Nuclear Planning Group Meeting of all NATO Defense Ministers, the Pontiff’s visit to Portugal and a bilateral Summit between the Portuguese and American Presidents and the Foreign Minister and US Secretary of State.

LTC Coy was tasked to assess the US policy response to the armed civil war in Angola, and assisted the US Ambassador at Large, General Vernon Walters during his brokerage of the Namibian Independence Treaty.

Following retirement from the US Army, Colonel Coy assumed duties as a Senior Executive and President of the Central American subsidiary of a US Energy major.  He engaged in green-field project development and construction of electrical energy production, and renewable energy project development as President of Puerto Quetzal Power Corp. He successfully implemented bilateral contracts, currency conversions and dollarized transfers to US accounts from Asia and Central America.

Mr. Coy then assumed the position of Vice President of a renewable energy company installing numerous renewable energy projects and expanding rural electrification systems to previously unserved communities, in the process electrifying more than 500,000 people for their 1st time.  He sourced substantial rural electrification funding from the Dutch Parliament based on large magnitude carbon sequestration by alternative energy technology application.  Mr. Coy Implemented pioneer Science & Technology Laws for first ever renewable energy application.  He successfully installed more than 600 megawatts aggregate capacity worldwide, in Central & South America, Caribbean & Asia using various technologies and fuels, including conventional carbon fuels, steam, biogas, hydro and run-of-river.  In so doing, he negotiated numerous rights-of-way agreements and environmental impact studies, as well as environmentally sound and compliant protection and disposal strategies.  He also co-designed the largest privately owned natural gas-fueled power plant in the Americas, in conjunction with a substantial gas pipeline and power transmission system extending several thousand miles.

In 2000, Mr. Coy relocated to the US National Capital Area, where during the subsequent 15 years he managed fifteen major renovation projects of federal facilities including GSA, DoD, USA Corps of Engineers and NAVFAC, Central and Defense Intelligence Agencies, and DAARPA.  The challenges included Emergency, Surgical and Recovery suites of Bethesda NMMC while maintaining full uninterrupted function of those facilities; jobs also included renovating various military bases, the Senate Offices, the National Archives and Records Administration, and US State and Defense Departments.

Mr. Coy is certified by the US Army Corps of Engineers and Navy’s Naval facilities Command in CQC Training and certified by the US Department of Labor for OSHA 10 & OSHA 30 Courses.  He is also certified in Green Building Design and Construction by the Green Building Board.

Colonel Coy serves on the Board of Directors of a non-profit organization dedicated to responding to the needs of injured military veterans and their families, as well as public safety officers injured in the line of duty and their families.  Specific focus is provided in resilience training and emerging techniques for the treatment and care of PTSD victims and their families.

In 2014, Colonel Coy assumed duties as the Chief Executive Officer of Red Team Defense, LLP.  This innovative firm comprises scientific and technological expertise in developing and fabricating surveillance platforms of various response capabilities tailored to client requirements on ground, air or water bodies inland or deep-ocean.  The capabilities of these “drones” far exceed any competitor designs for performance and cost.  They have particular application in environments related to large area perimeter security (airports, government agencies, bases, ports, sports venues, etc), in-depth reporting and response scenarios, high value asset protection, special operations reconnaissance and early warning operations, security of long distance linear extension resources such as pipelines, prison perimeter security and upheaval response, crowd control activities such as assigned to national guard, military and police units, fire-rescue situations, passive naval asset surveillance (above and below surface applications), standoff surveillance during ship port visits and logistical transfers, and many aerial surveillance applications.

Concurrently, Colonel Coy engages in development of a unique renewable energy technology using sewage to fuel a biomass to biogas process to generate electricity at great cost savings to community rate payers, large consumers and to distributors.

He is also a Board Member of a potable water production and deployment consortium and of a Security Consultancy Consortium related to high value asset protection.

Colonel Coy is a graduate of High Schools in Panama and Nicaragua; and holds Bachelor’s degrees in Civil Engineering from the United States Military Academy and in Air Maintenance Engineering from the Northrop Institute of Technology; a Master of Arts in Economics of Development from the Institute for Latin American Studies (ILAS), University of Texas (Austin); and completed requirements for Post-Graduate Certificate in Latin American History & Development at the John F. Kennedy Institute for International Studies; and Post Graduate Studies in National Security Affairs, at the prestigious US National Defense University.

Colonel Coy is also certified as a prestigious US Army Strategist, a Certified US Army Foreign Area Officer and Certified Defense Security Assistance Training Manager.  He is certified by the Department of Defense with “Native Professional Fluency” in Spanish and Portuguese.

He has been awarded many decorations from the United States including the Legion of Merit; The Order of Military Merit as Commander by the Governments of Brazil, Peru, Honduras and Portugal.  Brazil awarded him the Order of the Peacemaker, and Panama decorated him with the title of Commander in the Order of Vasco Nunez de Balboa.

Mr. Coy is an active Member of Opus Dei, the Knights of Columbus and Paradisus Dei.

He is married to the former Thereza Nabuco de Gouvea of Madeira, Portugal and Bage, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. 

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